Ant Species of Montana

This checklist is based on Wheeler and Wheeler (1988) and contains 76 species. The records used by Wheeler and Wheeler include: G.C. and J. Wheelers' personal collection, Borchert and Anderson (1973), Youngs and Campbell (1984), and specimen records from W.S. Creighton, D.R. Smith, Roy R. Snelling, and M. W. Wing. The status of each name given in the checklist was verified (Bolton 1995) and, where necessary, changed to reflect currently accepted names.

The ant fauna of Montana certainly includes a number of undescribed species. Some of our common North American genera, like Formica and Myrmica, are sorely in need of a taxonomic revision. Until these and other poorly described groups are revised and our western ant fauna is better characterized, this list will have to serve as our best estimate of the ant fauna found within Montana's borders.

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Subfamily Dolichoderinae

Dorymyrmex insana [Conomyrma insana]

Forelius pruinosus

Tapinoma sessile

Subfamily Formicinae

Acanthomyops coloradensis
Acanthomyops interjectus
Acanthomyops latipes
Acanthomyops murphyi
Acanthomyops occidentalis

Camponotus herculeanus
Camponotus laevigatus
Camponotus modoc
Camponotus vicinus

Formica adamsi whymperi [Formica whymperi]
Formica altipetens
Formica argentea
Formica aserva [Formica subnuda]
Formica bradleyi
Formica ciliata
Formica comata
Formica criniventris
Formica curiosa
Formica dakotensis
Formica fossaceps
Formica fusca
Formica hewitti
Formica integroides
Formica laeviceps
Formica lasioides
Formica limata
Formica microgyna
Formica montana
Formica neoclara
Formica neogagates
Formica neorufibarbis
Formica obscuripes
Formica obscuriventris
Formica obtusopilosa
Formica opaciventris
Formica oreas
Formica puberula
Formica querquetulana

Formica ravida [Formica haemorrhoidalis]
Formicidae (continued from bottom of previous column)

Formica rubicunda

Formica spatulata

Formica subpolita
Formica subsericea

Lasius alienus
Lasius crypticus
Lasius fallax
Lasius flavus
Lasius neoniger
Lasius pallitarsis [Lasius sitiens]
Lasius sitkaensis
Lasius subumbratus
Lasius umbratus

Polyergus breviceps

Subfamily Myrmicinae

Aphaenogaster occidentalis

Crematogaster cerasi

Formicoxenus provancher [Leptothorax provancheri]

Leptothorax muscorum

Leptothorax nevadensis
Leptothorax rugatulus

Manica hunteri

Messor lobognathus [Veromessor lobognathus]

Monomorium minimum

Myrmecina americana
Myrmecina emeryana

Myrmica brevisponosa
Myrmica fracticornis
Myrmica incompleta [Myrmica brevinodis]
Myrmica lobifrons
Myrmica monticola
Myrmica tahoensis

Pogonomyrmex occidentalis
Pogonomyrmex salinus [Pogonomyrmex owywheei]

Solenopsis molesta

Listings with two names provide the current valid species name, as given in Bolton 1995, followed by the species name as it originally appeared in Wheeler and Wheeler 1988.
[?] the occurrence of this species in Montana is questionable and needs to be verified.
[1] this species is more likely a species complex
[2] this species is actually an undescribed Diplorhoptrum found in the western United States

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