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A thermophilous Formica that is able to tolerate desert conditions. It is a southwestern species that tends to found nests in areas of open ground. Nest entrances can be cryptic (an inconspicuous hole in the ground, as seen in the photo) or surrounded by a crater. Gregg (1953) reported finding a colony with a domed nest in the weedy shoulder of a road near Pinon, C0 and also noted a tendency for their nest entrances to be made at the bases of trees. Wheeler (1913) stated F. perpilosa were moat commonly found in irrigated lands and desert river bottoms.

This ant is a member of the subgenus Raptiformica, as it does possess a notched clypeus, but it is not known to enslave or otherwise parasitize other ant species.

Two views of a Formica perpilosa nest. Colorado, 14 km north of Fruita, saltbush desert